A waterfall and pond

Brentwood Bay

Seagull Serenity

A space to suit every mood, this property has a cozy nook nestled in the trees and an open-air deck for entertaining. A waterfall, large earthenware pots, and plants evoking a beachy California-style landscape complete the look.

A woman sits reading on an outdoor sofa

The Vision

Equipped with a large open space, the owners wanted a stunning garden getaway with a water feature and deer-resistant plants. They also had a practical request: find a clever way to cover septic field lids. We met both desires, including a waterfall next to a new slate patio encompassed with specially sourced, softly rounded boulders and a strategically built cedar deck with custom lids for access.

A waterfall and pond

Our Process

To create the water feature, we handpicked boulders with just the right size and natural shape and installed lights in the pond to create greater ambience. Water flows through an antique grate installed on the rocks.

The Details

To soften the lines of the deck and to connect it to the rest of the garden, we added a large pot with an Agave in it, which is carefully protected in place through winter. Finally, to create a natural look, we created a stepping stone path that traverses the bottom corner of the deck and an island bed with boulders integrated into the build of the deck.

Before: a shot of the property before landscaping
A seating area on an outdoor wooden deck
A stone path leads through a garden area
A chair under a parasol sits by a waterfall
A waterfall and pond
  • “We love our new backyard. Catherine and Marty gave us the backyard we were dreaming about and more. We had many challenges to tackle and they managed to work with them all and give us a beautiful yard.”

    – Marilyn S., Brentwood Bay

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