Turk Landscape Design is a Victoria, BC-based all-in-one landscaping company managing design, construction, irrigation, masonry, carpentry, installation, and everything in between. Through 14 years of being in business, along with 23 years of experience, Turk’s professional designs balance the unique characteristics of each plant and garden element to bring a unified aesthetic to life. Their thorough control over quality and detail, cost-effectiveness and timeliness, has won them loyal clients throughout southern Vancouver Island, BC.



Founded in 2002, Catherine Turk and Marty Hart met while they were both engaged to work on the same client’s property and immediately discovered they had many traits in common, including pride in their work, integrity, and a love for beautiful solutions fusing design and natural beauty. Their dynamic approach and passion for harmonious landscapes allow them to work in a variety of styles and create a living connection between the client’s needs and desires and their outdoor space. Each aspect of a garden’s development reflects Catherine and Marty’s rich collaboration.

The beauty is in the details.

Team Bio

Turk Landscape Design is comprised of team members, Catherine Turk and Marty Hart, united by a shared passion for nature and design in outdoor spaces. As a graduate of Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture and the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific, and with experience at Threave Gardens in Scotland and the Chelsea Flower Show in England, Catherine is able to design with a clear vision of the mature garden’s shape, colour, and texture in every season.

After finishing her education, Catherine returned to Victoria, BC. It was here that she gained invaluable hands-on experience working in the industry before deciding to start her own landscaping business. During these years, Catherine collaborated with Marty for his hardscaping skills, such as patio, pathway, lighting, and water feature design and implementation. After a few years, Marty and Catherine became business partners. To this day, Marty and Catherine are a powerful creative force, combining both their hardscaping and softscaping skills to create beautiful landscapes.